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Power BI Custom Visuals - Waffle Chart

Posted Feb 23, 2017 by Devin Knight

In this module you will learn how to use the Waffle Chart Power BI Custom Visual.  The Waffle Chart visual is most useful for presenting a percentage of data. This chart is a great option to choose over other visuals like Pie Charts, which are not great at showing proportions of data.

Drive Successful Digital Transformation

Posted Feb 17, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

Has your business begun the move to Digital Transformation? If not, you should be – and Pragmatic Works can help you every step of the way. From strategy planning, implementation, training and support, we’ll get you there. Exactly what is Digital Transformation? Digital Transformation is the integration and application of digital and data driven-technologies into all areas of your business. Successful companies are adapting and innovating. Companies that are not using their data to create Digital Transformation will be left behind.

A True Story of How Power BI Saved Valentine's Day!

Posted Feb 16, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

We all know how Power BI helps you create the best reports for your business, but did you know it may also be used to get you out of a Valentine’s Day jam? Here’s a story from a member of our Pragmatic Works sales team who used it to do just that:

Power BI Custom Visuals - Mekko Chart

Posted Feb 16, 2017 by Devin Knight

In this module, you will learn how to use the Mekko Chart Power BI Custom Visual.  The Mekko Chart visual is helpful when you need to analyze two different dimensions on a single chart.

Join Us for a Free Dashboard in a Day Event!

Posted Feb 14, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

Want to learn how to use Power BI Dashboard in your own environment? How about learning it for free? Pragmatic Works is now offering a free Dashboard in a Day Event in cities around the country!

Top 5 Things to Capture in a Data Dictionary

Posted Feb 14, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

At Pragmatic Works, we understand that it’s important to understand the data you are looking at. What if you are unsure of what a certain column or field means? Who do you track down if a bug is happening? Or if a database or server goes down, do you know who owns the data so you can report to them that there is a problem? Creating a Data Dictionary is an extremely important data documentation tool that helps you to better understand your data.

What a Great Looking Bunch!

Posted Feb 09, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

As we hunker down for another Nor’easter and a foot of snow in New England, we don't let the winter blues get us down! The Pragmatic Works sales team in New Hampshire celebrated an uncharacteristically warm (50 degree) February day yesterday by breaking out our favorite Hawaiian shirts! We take pride in looking good while helping organizations gain value from the enhanced BI development, documentation and automated data validation capabilities that are realized by using the Pragmatic Workbench.

Power BI Custom Visuals - Gap Analysis

Posted Feb 09, 2017 by Devin Knight

In this module, you will learn how to use the Gap Analysis Power BI Custom Visual.  The Gap Analysis visual is used to analyze the difference between two different groups of data you have.  For example, you might use it to analyze the gap between two answers people gave in survey response data.

Business Intelligence Boot Camp Testimonial

Posted Feb 08, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

Pragmatic Works wants to help you fulfill the training essentials for you and your employees. Whether it's in-persononline or free training, we've got you covered. At Pragmatic Works, our training is designed to give you an intensive learning experience focused on real world applications. Our interactive Boot Camp training attracts people from many different industries and will give you the knowledge and the tools that will allow you to apply what you have learned right away. These in-depth training courses cover topics such as SQL Server, Business Intelligence and Power BI.

Power BI Custom Visuals - Box and Whiskers Version 2

Posted Feb 06, 2017 by Devin Knight

In this module, you will learn how to use the Box and Whiskers (Brad) Power BI Custom Visual.  This is the second of two Box and Whiskers visuals that we have covered (You can learn more about the first one here). The Box and Whiskers chart is used to show things like data outliers, clusters of data points and the volume of data between two extremes.

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