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Flashback Friday-SSIS, It's So Complicated!

On Dec 19, 2014 by Tammye Michau

“SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) it’s so complicated,” you say.

Welcome to our first Flashback Friday blog! Twice a month, Pragmatic Works will be posting helpful SQL videos from the past. Let us know in the comments section below if there is something you want to see!

So you think you want to learn SSIS but you feel so overwhelmed when you open Visual Studios? Well don’t be afraid, it’s pretty simple. So simple that even a technically challenged individual can learn it and become a master like Pragmatic Works' SSIS expert Dustin Ryan. He is a master Jedi in the world of SSIS and is going to dumb down the complication of building your first package. 

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Pragmatic Works Provides Local Students with Dual Enrollment Courses

On Dec 18, 2014 by Liz Hamilton

In partnership with the Clay County School Board, Pragmatic Works provides dual enrollment courses to local high school students through Pragmatic Work's School of Programming. Pragmatic Work's School of Programming allows juniors and seniors from Middleburg High School to earn college credits by taking IT dual enrollment courses provided by St. John's River State College. 

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Pragmatic Works Raises Funds for Seamark Ranch

On Dec 12, 2014 by Liz Hamilton

As part of Giving Tuesday, Pragmatic Works donated 100% of the proceeds from our Gangsta Geek t-shirt sales to Seamark Ranch. Because of the generosity of our supporters, we were able to raise $744 for the organization.


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Video: Performance Tuning MOLAP Cubes

On Dec 10, 2014 by Brian Knight

We've had a number of questions recently about tuning MOLAP cubes.  I thought it would be a great time to brush off this old webinar about how to tune MOLAP cubes. This is only an hour webinar but the entire Master's SSAS class that we teach dives WAAAY deeper into the tuning. This webinar will teach you about to tune the follwing:

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Pragmatic Works Sees Growth Using Data Lifecycle Optimization

On Nov 24, 2014 by Liz Hamilton

Pragmatic Works, a software, consulting and training company that focuses on helping customers gain the most insight from their data, is seeing dramatic growth in assisting companies with improving their data lifecycles. By maturing their data lifecycle, customers are able to make better decisions from their data and define a clear strategy that ensures their success is repeatable and measureable. Data Lifecycle Optimization (DLO) is a focus on the pillars of a successful data lifecycle including strategy, tactics, readiness and tooling. 

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Pragmatic Works Opens Satellite Office in Minneapolis

On Oct 24, 2014 by Liz Hamilton

Pragmatic Works, a training, software and consulting company that focuses on data lifecycle optimization, is continuing their locally focused growth in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Many of Pragmatic Works’ over 7000 customers are based on the twin cities region and this team will provide new and expanded options to grow relationships with those clients.

                With a technical team led by Jason Strate, Rowland Gosling and Steve Hughes, the Minnesota office will specialize in data platform, analytics and big data. These industry experts will continue developing the Pragmatic Works presence in the Midwest and expand Pragmatic Works’ relationship with local partners such as Microsoft, Tableau, CDW and Hortonworks.  “The decision to expand with a local presence in Minnesota was an easy one. We have quite a few talented local team members and we are seeing a lot of engagement opportunities in the area,” says Adam Jorgensen, President of Pragmatic Works. “We are excited to increase our local presence and continue to be the go to provider for data warehousing and development needs.”

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Optimizing Power BI Q&A with Synonyms & Phrasing Using Cloud Modeling

On Oct 02, 2014 by Devin Knight

If you’ve have used or even just seen a demo of Power BI Q&A you’ve likely seen there’s great potential in the feature for even low-tech user. I usually say, “If the user knows how to use a search engine then they can interact with Q&A.” You can read the basics of how Power BI Q&A works from my previous post here.

While having this capability is great it can take some fine tuning to perfect for users interacting with it. Power BI provides you with the ability to now optimize your models for Q&A and it can all be done directly from the Power BI site with what Microsoft is callingCloud Modeling.

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Webinar Follow-Up: SSIS Performance Tuning Techniques

On Aug 22, 2014 by Liz Hamilton

Instructor: Mitchell Pearson

Click here to watch the entire webinar.

Click here to view Mitchell's blog.

Thank you everyone for attending my webinar on SSIS Performance Tuning.

Below are some of the questions that I received from the Webinar:

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Big Data Needs to Mean Big Insights

On Aug 21, 2014 by Adam Jorgensen

Recently the focus on increased insights and data driven decisions has become paramount from the board room to marketing, and even to the production floor. Those insights and decisions were promised by the world of “Big Data”. The hype around big data is unmistakable. You can’t miss it. I think Big Data will perform at the super bowl halftime show. Well maybe not, but you can bet that the stadium, advertisers, teams and vendors are all using big data technologies to be their best for that big game.

I speak with customers that are driven to implement a big data solution, and yet I’ve never seen more people working to learn and implement a technology with so little definition on how they plan to leverage it for their business. They know a few things…

  1. Big Data might allow them to increase the value and variety of decisions they make.
  2. These technologies might provide a way to get around the limitations of traditional BI systems.
  3. They believe it to be a cost effective and rapid time-to-value option
  4. They believe their team can adapt and learn the tools quickly
  5. Their superiors are counting on it to provide insight into business growth and efficiency opportunities
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Writing Parametrized MDX for Reporting Services

On Aug 15, 2014 by Devin Knight

By: Devin Knight

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Writing MDX inside of Reporting Services has been the nemesis for many report writers for far too long.  If all you need is the Query Designer to create a drag and drop datasets then it’s a piece of cake, but have you ever wondered what’s going on with all the MDX that the Query Designer creates.  Or how about how do the parameters work that it creates inside MDX.  I’ve heard many report writers that use Analysis Services as a data source (including myself) say it is too difficult to create parameters and that’s why they use the Query Designer.

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