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How to Use the Data Driven Source Within LegiTest

Posted Dec 13, 2017 by Michael Harper

When you’re using LegiTest, you have the benefit of creating one test for information from a data driven source, instead of multiple tests. In this video, I demo how to use the Data Driven Source component within a LegiTest project.

Troubleshooting SSIS & SSRS Without Getting Lost in Logs

Posted Dec 11, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

Did your SSIS package go "bump" in the night? Oftentimes it can be difficult, and time consuming, to troubleshoot in SSIS and SSRS, without getting lost in logs. In a recent webinar, Founder and CEO, Brian Knight, discussed how to build your own framework or use a professional 3rd party framework like BI xPress to debug a package in a fraction of the time.

Our SSIS Components Execute 3,000% Faster Than Yours!

Posted Dec 08, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

Are you tired of the pitfalls and slow running of native SSIS components? Would you like to have your SSIS components execute 3,000% faster? Using Task Factory, we can show you how to improve SSIS performance and speed up SSIS. 

Power BI Custom Visuals - TreeViz

Posted Dec 07, 2017 by Devin Knight

In this module, you will learn how to use the TreeViz Custom Visual. The TreeViz is a breakdown tree that allows you to expand or collapse levels of hierarchical data.

What's Going On in December?

Posted Dec 04, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

Happy Holidays to all! This month, we're in the spirit of saving. December kicks off with our On-Demand Training Sale, offering 40% off our Elite Pack. For only $795 (originally $1295), you'll gain access to all On-Demand Training courses, as well as other benefits. Interested in this holiday offering? Check out more details below and get updated on the latest news in our training, software and consulting departments!

Pragmatic Works Named a Top Global Leader in IT Services

Posted Dec 04, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

We are proud and excited to announce that Clutch, a B2B ratings and review firm out of Washington D.C., has named Pragmatic Works a top Global Leader in IT Services 2017 in 3 categories: Top Cloud Consultants, Top Big Data Consultants and Top Staff Augmentation!

Understanding Power Query Using M

Posted Nov 30, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

If you use Power BI Desktop and Query Editor, do you know the true power of M? As you probably know, the Query Editor in Power BI is a powerful GUI that generates M, also known as the Power Query formula language. In a recent webinar, Pragmatic Works founder, Brian Knight, took a deep dive behind the GUI, so attendees could learn how to do even more data cleansing and transformation in Power BI using M.

Power BI Custom Visuals - Venn Diagram by MAQ Software

Posted Nov 29, 2017 by Devin Knight

In this module, you will learn how to use the Venn Diagram Custom Visual by MAQ Software. The Venn Diagram shows relationships between two or more categories with overlapping circles.

Confidently Migrating to Microsoft Data Platforms

Posted Nov 29, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

As the year ends, is one of your goals for 2018 to migrate from your current data platform? Many people want to migrate, but don’t feel they can do so with confidence. In a recent Pragmatic Works webinar, Principal Consultant Lead, Steve Hughes, discussed how to confidently migrate to Microsoft data platforms.

Power BI Custom Visuals - Data Image by Cloudscope

Posted Nov 22, 2017 by Devin Knight

In this module, you will learn how to use the Data Image Power BI Custom Visual by CloudScope. The Data Image visual helps in displaying images based on an image URL stored in your data.

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