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We all know how Power BI helps you create the best reports for your business, but did you know it may also be used to get you out of a Valentine’s Day jam? Here’s a story from a member of our Pragmatic Works sales team who used it to do just that:

Like many men, I delayed all my Valentine’s Day preparation until the very last minute.  And like most married men, my wife means the world to me!  Unfortunately, this is often lost in the chaos of sick kids, piles of laundry and busy work schedules. That’s when Power BI came to my rescue!

My wife has heard me talk about Power BI countless times, and has watched me try and learn the Microsoft Reporting tool on my own. On my way home from a Dashboard in A Day event at Microsoft, I knew I needed to walk in the door with something for my beautiful wife and mother of three (all boys!).  Flowers or even chocolate on this day were not going to cut it; that would have only signaled that I didn’t even try to come up with something better. 

Then it hit me! Rather than writing a personal letter to tell her how much she means to me, I decided to create a Power BI Valentine visualization. In less than an hour, I had created a Power BI Valentine displaying how many days we have been married, our favorite hobby, and her “Best Quality”. She absolutely loved it! 



So, there you have it – Power BI not only helps you create incredible business reports, it may just help a spouse in trouble! Need Power BI training? Pragmatic Works On-Demand Training platform offers courses in Power BI for all levels, with the flexibility to learn on your own time, at your own pace. Our courses will allow you to confidently build your own Power BI solutions - for business, or other things!

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