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All About Power BI Premium

Written by Pragmatic Works | May 11, 2017

This week, Microsoft had some exciting announcements around Power BI Premium. Our President of Consulting, Adam Jorgensen, is at Microsoft headquarters this week and has been able to share some first hand knowledge about Power BI Premium with us.

1. On-Premises Capabilities - Coming soon is the new Power BI Report Server. It will allow you to run data and reports on-prem and it will seamlessly work with your information in the cloud. This is a feature we have been waiting on and we know you are too!

2. Dedicated Capacity - For large enterprise customers, you will be able to customize performance based on the needs of your team. Capacity can be allocated broadly or to specific work spaces.

3. More Users! - Microsoft will soon have more flexibility with how you can use and consume Power BI. This allows you grant specific access based on your needs.

Click here to get all the details on Power BI Premium. 

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