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We are excited to announce our new course – Introduction to DAX! Whether you are well versed in building Tabular models or just starting out, learning more about introducing DAX into the equation is for you!

DAX is both a programming and query language that gives you the ability to extend what is possible in either your Power BI or Tabular data models. This course is for anyone, experienced builders or self-service power users just getting started, that want to enhance their data models. We will introduce the concepts required to add analytical capabilities to your data model today, by creating calculated columns and measures, while also building the foundation required to build more complex calculations in the future. The course will dig deep so you will develop a strong understanding of more advanced functions like time intelligence, CALCULATE and iterator functions like SUMX.

So, whether you are building out your Tabular or Power BI desktop models,  DAX  will help you enhance the capabilities that you have within your data models. If you are looking to enhance your data models with DAX, then this course is for you!

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