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Announcing Our New Course - Introduction to Tableau!

Posted Oct 02, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

2017-Training-Banner.pngDo you work with data and want to learn more about developing using Tableau? If you’re looking to break into using Tableau, our new in-depth course, Introduction to Tableau, is the course for you! This course will teach you all the basics and fundamentals you’ll need to become a thorough Tableau developer.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about Tableau development from an aesthetic perspective, where you’ll learn how to polish the way a report looks. You’ll also learn how to build out aggregations and calculations within Tableau, as well as how to join queries and use the join engine inside of Tableau to pull different data sets together. This comprehensive course will cover all the capabilities built into Tableau. 

As with all of our courses, we delve into every topic, and teach it in a way that is easy for you to complete a course with the ability to put what you’ve learned to use right away. Intro to Tableau modules are broken up into small segments that build up to a larger solution. So, a one-and-a-half-hour module, for example, will be broken into shorter videos that take it slowly and dig deeper into a topic area  of Tableau.   

You’ll emerge from the course with an understanding of Tableau terminology, the ability to create visualizations and build dashboards. We’re excited to offer this new course to teach you how to use the capabilities of Tableau in your data world. To learn more or sign up for Introduction to Tableau, or any of our 30+ On-Demand Training courses, visit our website www.pragmaticworks.com.

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