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SSAS Tabular vs. SSAS Multidimensional - Business Logic

Posted May 29, 2015 by Alan Faulkner


In Part I of the SSAS Tabular vs. SSAS Multidimensional – Which One Do I Choose? series, we began to set the stage for looking at 5 high level considerations to answer this question. In Part II, we explored the Scalability and Performance considerations between the two technologies. In  Part III, we explored the characteristics of the data and the model required to deliver the analytics and reporting required. In this installment, we will cover how to extend the capabilities and characteristics of your data model through the use of business logic.

Power BI with Azure SQL Database

Posted May 28, 2015 by Devin Knight

**Information is current as of 5/21/2015**

Recently Azure SQL Database was added as a new connection to the Power BI Preview. Read the notes about how it can be used here. The things I found especially worth noting were:

10 Characteristics of a Gangsta Geek

Posted May 21, 2015 by Devon Stiles

Every year on May 25, geeks worldwide come together in celebration of Geek Pride Day. Originally celebrated in 2006, the holiday has quickly gained international popularity largely in part due to the Internet. 

Here at Pragmatic Works, not only are we geeks, we're Gangsta Geeks. And we're not afraid to show it! 

So what exactly is a Gangsta Geek? Gangsta Geeks are smart, resourceful, fun, knowledgeable and passionate individuals who are proud to be Gangsta Geeks. They're so geeky, it's gangsta. No shame in their geek game!

Types of Testing in the Data-Centric World

Posted May 19, 2015 by Robert Cain

Testing has long been accepted in the software development world as the key to quality. Testing ensures code behaves as designed, delivers the expected results even after subsequent changes to the original code base occur and that code changes from one developer do not adversely affect the existing code base. Done correctly, it also verifies that the code handles an appropriate range of input data and manages exceptions and invalid data correctly.

May Employee Spotlight on Mitchell Pearson

Posted May 14, 2015 by Liz Hamilton

Pragmatic Works believes that our employees are the key to our success. Our staff is made up of many extremely talented professionals who deserve to have their achievements and hard work recognized. Each month, we feature one of our stellar employees who often goes above and beyond the call of duty as a small way of saying thank you. Mitchell Pearson, a BI Consultant, is May's Employee Spotlight!

SSAS Tabular vs. SSAS Multidimensional – Part III – Complex Business Problems

Posted May 12, 2015 by Alan Faulkner


In Part I of the SSAS Tabular vs. SSAS Multidimensional series, we began to set the stage for looking at 5 high level considerations to help determine which you should choose to use. In Part II, we explored the Scalability and Performance considerations between the two technologies. In this post, we'll contemplate the Complex Business Problem aspects by comparing and contrasting SSAS Tabular and SSAS Multidimensional in terms of characteristics of the data, the model required to deliver the analytics and the reporting required.

We're Coming to the Big Apple for SQLSaturday NYC

Posted May 11, 2015 by Liz Hamilton

We may have just wrapped up SQLSaturday Jacksonville, but we're already planning for SQLSaturday New York City! Several of our consultants will be presenting on topics ranging from Azure to Performance Tuning in the Big Apple in just a couple of weeks. 

SQLSaturday New York City Details

When: Saturday, May 30, 2015

Where: 11 Times Square, Microsoft New York Metro District Office, New York, NY 10036.

Additional precon sessions will be held at the Times Square Microsoft Office on Friday, May 29, 2015.

May the 4th Be With You

Posted May 04, 2015 by Liz Hamilton

In case you weren't aware, today is Star Wars Day! Also known as May the 4th Be With You, it's arguably the best geek holiday of the year. I'm Liz and I'm the marketing manger at Pragmatic Works and a life-long Stars Wars enthusiast. As a Star Wars lover, I'm so excited that I work for a company which allows me to share how my love of all things Stars Wars was passed on to me.

May Free Training Schedule

Posted May 01, 2015 by Devon Stiles

This month, our experts will be covering a variety of topics from assembling a data team to consumption based BI and more. Notice something different? Based on feedback we've received, we made a few changes to our training sessions to make them more efficient and increase value. Our webinar format has been modified to allow for more question and answer time during each webinar. We have also reduced the number of session to allow our experts more time to develop their sessions and come up with new topics.

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