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Exploring Excel 2013 for BI: Retaining PivotTable Size After Data Refreshes

Posted Oct 22, 2015 by Steve Hughes

We're back for another informative blog in our series, Excel at Excel with Steve Hughes! In this post, he will cover how to retain the size of your PivotTable after refreshing your data.

The Next Generation of Training

Posted Oct 07, 2015 by Devin Knight

Over the last five years, training and education have seen drastic changes in how course material is delivered. The reason is because many students simply cannot attend a training class that has a set start and end time and/or eats up twenty to thirty hours of their week. The reality for many of us is that work comes first, and it is impossible to be completely disconnected from our regular nine to five job to attend a training class.

Pragmatic Works at PASS Summit 2015

Posted Oct 05, 2015 by Devon Stiles

It's hard to believe that PASS Summit kicks off in just a couple of weeks! PASS Summit is the world's largest and highest-rated conference for Microsoft SQL Server and BI professionals, and our consultants are proud to be presenting sessions throughout the week. Here's a list of their sessions, dates and times:

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