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Hack Your Professional Development

Posted Sep 08, 2016 by Adam Jorgensen

Goal.jpgThanks to everyone who registered for my webinar on Tuesday. We covered a lot of great content on growing your data career and I appreciate all your comments and feedback. If you missed the session, you can watch it here but I’d like to provide a quick summary of some important takeaways from the session.

Key Takeaways from WPC 2016

Posted Aug 01, 2016 by Adam Jorgensen

I just got back from Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto. I was there with our alliance team and it was an incredible week! We joined over 16,000 other partner leaders to hear about what Microsoft has planned, how they want to work with us and to give them feedback on how things have been going.

We're Coming to SQLSaturday Phoenix!

Posted Jan 28, 2015 by Adam Jorgensen

Hey everyone! I’m winging my way across the country this week but I can’t hold back my excitement  to be coming to Phoenix the week of February 22nd for SQLSaturday Phoenix! SQLSaturday Phoenix will be Saturday, February 28, 2015 at The Black Canyon Conference Center in Phoenix, AZ.

I’m coming with a number of my Pragmatic Works peers. Some like Ginger and Alan are presenting with me during our precon. I can’t wait! Our precon is all about creating your future data warehouse platform. From SQLSaturday’s site:

Big Data Needs to Mean Big Insights

Posted Aug 21, 2014 by Adam Jorgensen

Recently the focus on increased insights and data driven decisions has become paramount from the board room to marketing, and even to the production floor. Those insights and decisions were promised by the world of “Big Data”. The hype around big data is unmistakable. You can’t miss it. I think Big Data will perform at the super bowl halftime show. Well maybe not, but you can bet that the stadium, advertisers, teams and vendors are all using big data technologies to be their best for that big game.

I speak with customers that are driven to implement a big data solution, and yet I’ve never seen more people working to learn and implement a technology with so little definition on how they plan to leverage it for their business. They know a few things…

  1. Big Data might allow them to increase the value and variety of decisions they make.
  2. These technologies might provide a way to get around the limitations of traditional BI systems.
  3. They believe it to be a cost effective and rapid time-to-value option
  4. They believe their team can adapt and learn the tools quickly
  5. Their superiors are counting on it to provide insight into business growth and efficiency opportunities

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