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Posts by Brian Knight

Achieve a GDPR Compliant Data Governance Strategy

Posted Jan 09, 2017 by Brian Knight

The ever-growing need for data protection and security is creating legislation in various forms throughout the world. These laws and regulations often contain strict policies for organisations that handle personal data of citizens and how that data should be handled. One of the largest efforts we’ve seen is the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Incrementally Loading Data from Salesforce

Posted Mar 02, 2016 by Brian Knight

As a business owner and someone who is responsible for sales, reporting in SalesForce.com is challenging to say the least. The reporting is tightly restricted to a few objects and the interface can't create the beautiful reports that those in the data industry are used to seeing. Most importantly, I can't merge the data with my existing data sources like data from accounting, HR or our other internal systems. This is why most people pull data from SalesForce.com into a central reporting database to do more advanced reporting. This blog shows you my method for pulling data into a single repository for further reporting.

Bulk Deleting Data from SalesForce.com Using SSIS and Task Factory

Posted Feb 25, 2016 by Brian Knight

One of the most frustrating things about SalesForce.com is the feeling of constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure you don't run out of space. Doing bulk deletion of records in SalesForce.com to fix this issue is done 200 rows at a time and takes a lot of time to setup. While there are many tools out there to help with this issue, the tend to cost quite a bit. This blog and video shows you a quick 4 minute solution to remove tons of rows from SalesForce using a free tool in Visual Studio, Task Factory and SSIS.

Naughty or Nice? Be Nice & Help Us Support Seamark Ranch!

Posted Dec 22, 2014 by Brian Knight

Promo Code: NEWYEAR

Pragmatic Works is offering $200 off any virtual training class purchased by January 15, 2015 when you use the promo code NEWYEAR at checkout. Additionally, if you book your virtual training class by December 31, 2014, Pragmatic Works will donate $50 to Seamark Ranch for every class puchased.

Video: Performance Tuning MOLAP Cubes

Posted Dec 10, 2014 by Brian Knight

We've had a number of questions recently about tuning MOLAP cubes.  I thought it would be a great time to brush off this old webinar about how to tune MOLAP cubes. This is only an hour webinar but the entire Master's SSAS class that we teach dives WAAAY deeper into the tuning. This webinar will teach you about to tune the follwing:

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