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Posts by Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Table Partitioning in SQL Server – Partition Switching

Posted Apr 29, 2015 by Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Inserts, updates and deletes on large tables can be very slow and expensive, cause locking and blocking, and even fill up the transaction log. One of the main benefits of table partitioning is that you can speed up loading and archiving of data by using partition switching.

Table Partitioning in SQL Server – The Basics

Posted Apr 21, 2015 by Cathrine Wilhelmsen

There are many benefits of partitioning large tables. You can speed up loading and archiving of data, you can perform maintenance operations on individual partitions instead of the whole table, and you may be able to improve query performance. However, implementing table partitioning is not a trivial task and you need a good understanding of how it works to implement and use it correctly.Table Partitioning is an Enterprise Edition feature only.

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