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Posts by Dan Taylor

High Availability - A Bird's Eye View

Posted Oct 06, 2016 by Dan Taylor

High Availability, just mentioning these words brings fear to some and delight to others. Gartner describes High Availability “As business operations' dependency on IT infrastructure continues to increase in response to the need for faster and leaner business processes, the need for these systems to be highly available also increases. Not only do high-availability designs focus on automatically detecting and reacting to failures, but, more importantly, they also focus on mitigating the downtime required for standard maintenance tasks. This Reference Architecture template outlines the approach and architecture to achieve high-availability of IT service infrastructure.”

Tips on Keeping Your Data Safe

Posted Oct 04, 2016 by Dan Taylor

Do you Yahoo? Well if you do, your personal information could now be in the hands of folks up to no good. Yahoo began releasing information to the media that at least 500 million user accounts have been compromised. According to reports, data gathered by the hackers was Personally Identifiable Information (PII), not financial data.  Hackers are going to find ways to bypass our security measures put in place. Even knowing that our information could be compromised, it is in our best interest to do all we can to protect our data.

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