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Posts by Ken Wood

Task Factory Oracle Upsert Destination - Troubleshooting Made Easy

Posted Apr 15, 2016 by Ken Wood

In my first post on Task Factory's Oracle Upsert Destination, I gave you an in-depth "How To" demonstration. In this blog, I'm going to discuss some troubleshooting tips when you encounter errors.

If you’re an avid user of an Oracle Database, you are no stranger to the oddities that are presented when dealing with Oracle Errors.  If this is you, then you may very well be familiar with the following scenario. 

Task Factory Oracle Upsert Destination…A “How to” Demonstration

Posted Apr 07, 2016 by Ken Wood

The Oracle Database presents a challenge to its users, that once mastered, can be rewarding and make the utilization of Oracle specific tools easier to grasp. If you are an avid Oracle user, you are familiar with the many aspects to Oracle that are vastly different than the standard SQL Server language many of us have grown to appreciate

Send Emails in SSIS Using Task Factory's Advanced Email and SMS Task

Posted Mar 16, 2016 by Ken Wood

The Advanced Email and SMS Task from Task Factory is more than just a tool used to send Emails and SMS Text Messages with SSIS. As the name suggests, it’s “Advanced”; of course we can do more with the Advanced Email and SMS Task

Performing Joins Within the Salesforce Source from Task Factory

Posted Feb 16, 2016 by Ken Wood

The question has been posed many times, “Is it possible to perform joins with Task Factory’s SalesForce Source component?” The answer is a resounding “YES!” Not only is it possible, but it’s actually very simple.

How to Set SSIS Encryption Level Protection within Visual Studios 2012

Posted Mar 05, 2015 by Ken Wood

You’ve just completed building your SSIS package; your hopes are set high on your newly created project becoming the company's number one tool for data building, organization and formatting. Surely that unreachable career tier level will finally be reached with the successful execution of just this one package within SSIS. You save your work and immediately execute the newly created package just to be greeted by a series of ugly error messages.

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