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A Look at BI xPress Server Edition

With BI xPress Server edition, you get the monitoring and management features of BI xPress in a web-based server solution....

Utilizing LegiTest for the GDPR

2018 has proven one thing to the Business Intelligence world: Data privacy and protection are more important than ever. With...

Welcome to the Workbench - DOC xPress Server

The server version of Pragmatic Workbench contains DOC xPress Server, which gives you all the power of DOC xPress, through a...

Automating Your ETL - Creating a SQL Agent Job

The amount of data companies receive is growing larger all the time. Oftentimes, manual executing is just not efficient....

A Successful SSIS Sequence – Task Factory’s Advanced Execute Package Task

If you’re an SSIS developer, you are always looking for ways to save time in development, so you can utilize that time in...

Fine Tuning Task Factory - Upsert Destination

Looking for ways to increase speed and performance of SSIS? Aren’t we all. That’s where Task Factory from Pragmatic Works...

Comparing Different Versions of SQL Server with BI xPress

There are many versions of SQL Server, with each new iteration containing additional features and bug fixes over Microsoft’s...

Using the LegiTest Test Builder

Accurate data is something we all want, but increasing our dev time can defeat the purpose. LegiTest is fully automatable,...

Easily Build Tests for SSRS Using LegiTest 

Bad data is an epidemic. You probably know by now that the answer to bad data is testing. The major benefit of testing your...


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