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Posts by Robert Cain

Why You Should Care About Data Testing

Posted Jun 22, 2015 by Robert Cain


It has long been a staple of the application world, but far less so in the world of data-centric development. Testing should be critical at every stage of development, especially at the data level.

What is LegiTest?

Posted Jun 03, 2015 by Robert Cain

Testing has long been a core component of traditional software development. Over the years many tools and testing frameworks have emerged to assist developers in testing their applications to ensure a higher quality product.

Sadly, those tools have been lacking in the world of data centric development. There are some tools to assist with testing some aspects of data centric development, but a huge need has gone unfilled for a single tool to perform comprehensive testing across all areas of data centric development.

Until now.

Pragmatic Works has answered the call for a comprehensive testing tool with its newest product: LegiTest.

Types of Testing in the Data-Centric World

Posted May 19, 2015 by Robert Cain

Testing has long been accepted in the software development world as the key to quality. Testing ensures code behaves as designed, delivers the expected results even after subsequent changes to the original code base occur and that code changes from one developer do not adversely affect the existing code base. Done correctly, it also verifies that the code handles an appropriate range of input data and manages exceptions and invalid data correctly.

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