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Whether you’re thinking about making the move to Microsoft Azure, or if you’re just starting out, there’s a lot to learn. In today’s installment of Azure Every Day, I’d like to tell you the best way to start learning Azure. And, no, it’s not by reading a book or watching a YouTube video.

The best way is to start doing it! That’s right, get in there and give it a try. Choose a real project, something small, maybe an application you have on-premise and move it to the cloud. Or possibly write a small app and deploy it in Azure.

Don’t assume it’s going to take you tons of time to do this. It’s very fast and straightforward to spin up to Azure SQL databases, a Cosmo DB instance or to put something in a container.

Put some thought into what you want to try, then go to docs.microsoft.com. Here you’ll find documentation pages and tutorials to view for your first workload, as well as script examples to take advantage of.

Another helpful tip, do this trial move with someone else on your team. Maybe you’re a data professional and not as strong on the application side. Then find someone who is and work together, then share this project with the rest of your organization. Chances are, you’ll find that getting your apps into Azure is more straightforward than you think.

Learning Azure is actually a lot of fun and the best way is to learn by doing (not by reading or watching). For more information on how to get started or if we can help you with Azure in any way, click the link below – we’d love to help!

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