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LegiTest.jpgIn a recent webinar, I talked about common recipes for success with data testing in production and development using this month’s new LegiTest recipes feature. We created these recipes in LegiTest to give you the ability to build tests in a few seconds that would have taken hours before. Data testing allows you to build trust in your data and reports.

As you know, your data comes from many different sources, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce or your own custom database. From the common system’s schema to all the people who touch your data (ETL Developers, Business Analysts, Report Writers and Cube Developers, to name a few), there is lots of room for errors to occur.

Another thing to think about is the cost of bugs. Catching and fixing bugs early is key. The time it takes to fix bugs in production, is much costlier than fixing them in the design or development stage. That’s one goal of LegiTest; to build tests in two minutes, so a battery of tests (like unit and integration tests) can be built quickly and catch errors long before the production stage.

Testing also creates verification for the business users. Business users often wonder, Is the data I’m looking at good or is the data up to date? We have customers, for example, that use LegiTest to always keep tabs on their data and their data quality.

This webinar, which you can watch here, talks about how to find anomalies lurking in your data and learn how to avoid human data entry mistakes polluting your database. You’ll also see what the most common testing methods are to protect your production data.

The demos include an example of tests for the new European security regulation, GDPR, as well as demos showing some new recipes that are built into LegiTest. Visit our website to learn more about LegiTest as well as info and pricing on all our fantastic software products. We also offer LegiTest strategy sessions, where we build a test using your data. If interested, email us at sales@pragmaticworks.com or myself at bknight@pragmaticworks.com. 

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