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There are many versions of SQL Server, with each new iteration containing additional features and bug fixes over Microsoft’s previous versions. When it comes to migrating an entire environment to a new version however, we want to ensure that we have some sort of version control and a way to check that all our metadata has successfully gone through the update.

Using the BI Compare Tool inside of BI xPress, we can compare entire servers against each other, or even drill down to specific parts of the metadata and see, in a side by side comparison, what is the same in different versions of objects, and what is different. Let’s dive right in.

  • To begin, we simply click on the BI Compare tool. You can add in a name for the comparison if you want to return to it and compare the items later.
  • Next, we want to select the items that we are looking to compare against each other. In today’s example, I’m going through and grabbing two cubes.
  • Notice that I’m filtering to ensure that I’m only returning one cube at a time since I have quite a few residing in my databases.
  • After I’ve selected both cubes, I click finish and BI Compare will begin comparing the metadata.
  • To further simplify my task of finding what is different between both environments, I also unchecked the ‘Equal’ view so that we’re only presented with differences.
  • In this example, I also have two cubes with different names, so BI Compare is looking at them differently. A simple workaround is to change the starting points.
  • Simply configure the left starting point to one cube, and then configure the right side to target the other cube.
  • Now we can drill down, we can see the differences, and we can even export the comparison too and share the file with other members of our team.

BI xPress and BI Compare are powerful tools that can compare not only SSAS, but also SQL Server items, SSRS, SSIS and more. I urge you to head to Pragmaticworks.com, download your free trial today, and start seeing how BI xPress and Pragmatic Works can help your business intelligence needs!

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