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As a data professional, you understand the importance of data documentation, but most people hate doing it, or even worse, don’t do it! Data documentation needs to be done for every project; avoiding or skipping this chore will negatively impact your project. What’s the worst thing that can happen if you make a change to your environment without realizing the impact downstream? Pragmatic Works Founder Brian Knight and Software Sales Director Jeremy Sirois sat down to discuss the importance of data lineage and documentation.

Let's explore two of the more common issues that can occur:

1.  Let’s say you make a change to a column name. Every package or report that touches that column is immediately broken. Your environment is now down by a mysterious change that you have no idea what impacted it! Frustrating, right?

2.  There are many regulations out there, HIPAA or GDPR in Europe, to name a few, that expect you to know your data and where your data is going. Whether it’s personal health information, financial, or any privacy data, you need to be able to show an auditor that you can track and be compliant with regulations about any data that leaves your environment to a partner destination.

Whenever you’re working on a new project like an SSIS package or report, or making an impactful change to an existing one, it’s important to ask, what is this going to impact upstream or downstream? DOC xPress’ Impact Analysis feature allows you to select a package, table or column, and it will show you what reports, tables, or other packages will be impacted by this change. The Data Lineage feature will easily show you how the data got loaded into the package or table.

Get rid of your data documentation woes and let DOC xPress automate this process—saving you time and potential headaches. Plus, helping you to keep compliant with increasing privacy regulations.

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