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Manually importing and exporting data from web services can be a time-consuming task. A popular web service used today is Constant Contact for sending emails to your customers. Wouldn’t it be great to get data into or out of Constant Contact in a more automated way using SSIS?

By using the REST Source and Destination component of Task Factory, you can do just that! Task Factory’s REST Source and Destination allows you to quickly and easily connect to almost any web service/cloud application that utilizes a REST API, such as Constant Contact, Google Analytics, GoToWebinar, Salesforce.com, Twitter and many more, and bring that data right into your data flow.

The component can handle both XML and JSON data being returned from the REST endpoints, which means it supports both legacy (XML based) and newly created (with JSON) REST endpoints. And it supports Basic REST, OAuth1 and OAuth2. The video above gives step-by-step instructions on how simple it is to configure Task Factory’s REST source to get data out of, or write data into, Constant Contact. All without writing a single line of code.

In the video, you can see how to connect to Constant Contact using SSIS to synchronize your lists with an external system, or bulk download and upload selective lists. We use this in a configuration file that can be downloaded here and placed into your Task Factory folder to quickly configure SSIS in seconds vs minutes. 

Pragmatic Works prides ourselves on our software saving you time in your busy day. Download Task Factory to take advantage of the REST Source and Destination component, as well as the many other fantastic, time-saving components by visiting our website www.pragmaticworks.com.

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