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PRAG_1200x628_FBad.pngLet’s face it, many of us have performance issues with SSIS. Would you like to learn how to load your data up to 3000% faster? Who wouldn’t, right? Now imagine this with the benefit of creating cleaner data. Sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t – within Pragmatic Works’ Task Factory, there are components that will allow you to improve the performance of SSIS plus utilize data quality components. You can performance tune packages that normally take hours, in seconds!

In a recent webinar, CEO and Founder, Brian Knight, talked about 4 ways to use Task Factory to improve performance of SSIS and shared demos that show incredible gains in speed. Below is a brief run-down of the 4 key components.

Upsert Destination

One of the most common patterns in SSIS that causes problems is where you want to conditionally update or insert data. The Upsert Destination component helps synchronize two systems, no matter the source or destination. It reads the rows coming into the data flow and detects if the row should be inserted or updated. This saves time in development and could save up to 90% on each execution of an SSIS package.

Dimension Merge SCD

Another issue with SSIS is the native slowly changing dimension (SCD) wizard in SSIS. This is the slowest piece within SSIS due to the row by row operations. This powerful replacement loads the data in memory for a much faster response and scalability. Experience a dimension load of up to 3000% faster than native SSIS SCD components.

Fact Table Destination

Fact Table Destination can greatly reduce development time for SSIS packages with multiple dimension lookups. Additionally, users can choose between insert and update actions for the fact table, and advanced features like ranged lookups are also supported. Save hours off your fact table load with this batch process.

Excel Source and Destination

Excel Source and Destination allows you to import and export data from any web service that uses a REST API. The REST Source and Destination can be configured in just seconds to easily get data from, and write data to, web RESTful sources. And it works in 64-bit.

To learn more and view some demos of these performance improving and time saving components, watch Brian’s webinar video. Or download a free trial of Task Factory to try out these, as well as all the other fantastic features and components, within Task Factory. Task Factory is forever free for development inside of Visual Studio. So, stop your performance issues (and headaches) with SSIS today by using Task Factory. 

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