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BI-xPress-logo-productpage.png'Are you sure it's not working? It was working just fine on my computer.' Sound familiar?

Errors are a part of production, but when going from development to production under a time crunch, you simply may not have the time or the workforce to go back and search through endless SQL statements and data flows. Maybe a SQL statement changed, or maybe your connection manager was altered, but what if it was something so small, it is almost impossible to find?

This is where the BI Compare Tool in BI xPress comes in. Instead of you or your development team searching and digging deep into granularity, wasting time in your day, BI Compare will find the change for you.

This video demo shows you how:

  • With the Pragmatic Workbench open, select the BI Compare tool.
  • This opens a New Comparison box, for which you can add a name of your choice.
  • Click Next or Select Left Hand Side.
  • Pull down a source type for your comparison from a list of all your sources.
  • Choose a package and then choose what you want it to load, whether it be a file, a folder, or SQL Server, then click OK.
  • Click Next and then choose the other source to compare as done in the previous steps.
  • Click Finish and BI Compare will start to compare what you selected.
  • Once the comparison is complete, you have several options, such as to show what is equal or what is different between your two packages.
  • Some differences may be obvious, like the name or package is different. But if it’s not obvious, simply click on other areas to drill deeper down to find what’s changed, like new script tasks having been added.

Some errors are more obvious and easy to find than others, but with the BI Compare feature of BI xPress helping to find changes that cause errors for you, you’re always covered. This saves you and your development team time and money, and avoids frustration. To take advantage of this, and all the features and benefits of BI xPress, visit our website or click the link below.

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