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task-factory-logo.pngAs a consumer or potential customer, I’m often required to fill in my address details when completing a web form on various sites. The idea is this, I go from a potential lead into your database, which can then be marketed to in the form of email outreaches or physical mail campaigns where brochures or coupons are sent to my physical address.

That’s great, as long as I provided an actual residential address. But I admit there are plenty of times where I omit street details or provide bogus address info because I want to avoid additional mail flyers…I know it’s not the nice thing to do, but I’m guilty of this and know I’m not alone in doing so.

bogus address image.png

The result is your database containing addresses that don’t really exist or a single person, such as myself, with multiple addresses tied to my record and no telling which single address is valid, if any at all. How can we easily clean up our bad address data to prevent inaccurate reporting and overspending on bad mailing campaigns?

The solution is to leverage the US Post Office database of validated and CASS certified addresses, along with Task Factory’s Address Verification and Data Cleansing components available through Pragmatic Works! We benefit by using our own Task Factory solution to keep our address information clean and fresh. We want to prove our solution’s ability to keep your environment free of dirty address data by offering to validate a subset of your addresses during a free POC!

What’s required?

Fill out the form below (with accurate information please😊) to get your own Free Address Verification POC scheduled:

             Send us a flat file (preferably CSV or Excel) with up to 1000 addresses and we will build a solution using SSIS to demonstrate.

             In 45 minutes, we’ll verify up to 1,000 of your addresses.

             Includes Parsing and Verification of United States Addresses and Group De-Duping.

             Wrap up with SQL Server MVP, Brian Knight. Includes Q&A and Tips &Tricks.

            But we must ask you, please be sitting down. We typically find errors in 5% or more of the addresses and contacts we verify.

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