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PRAG_1200x628_FBad.pngAre you a SSIS user and need to know how to synchronize a SQL Table to SharePoint using Task Factory? We had a customer whose main concern was bringing over the metadata. They had files location and related metadata in a SQL Server table. They wanted to use SSIS to read the SQL table, move the file (that’s the easy part), then add the metadata from the table to the file after they move it to SharePoint.

Per the customer’s request, I recorded a video demo of the process for this. If you already own Task Factory, check out this demo to see how simple it is to upload files and metadata to SharePoint using SSIS with Task Factory.

Don’t own Task Factory yet? Visit our website to download a free trial or contact any of our team to discuss how Task Factory’s 60+ high-performance components and tasks can increase productivity and improve SSIS performance or to set up a personalized demo today! 

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