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BI_xPress_Simplify_Your_Job_Blog_Header.pngWe get it, you’ve got all kinds of data packages and projects running across your environment; how can you ensure these are tested for adherence to best practices? How can you be sure you and your team are establishing a high level of excellence across your entire environment?

The Best Practices Analyzer feature of Pragmatic Works BI xPress will help your team to reach that level. Best Practices Analyzer enables you to inspect your environment for adherence to best practices, including practices for performance, maintainability and stability.

You can take advantage of the built-in best practices, or customize your own best practice rules. BI xPress supports many technologies, including SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, cubes, Tableau and more. Simply choose the data type you want to leverage on your system or server and BI xPress will give lists of tests to run against it.

All you have to do is choose the tests you want, click on analyze, and Best Practices Analyzer will find warnings, errors and other components that may be causing issues in your environment. Eliminate the issues and you’re on your way to making much more efficient data types within your environment.

Best Practices Analyzer stores the results of the analysis within the BI xPress database for later review or you can output the results to XML, giving you a historical view of best practice data. This enables you to see how your packages are improving over time, as well as integrate the results of the analysis into other processes.

Best Practices Analyzer is a fast, efficient way to inspect your environment for adherence to best practices. This is only one of the many features of BI xPress that increases developer productivity and reduces development time. Visit our website for a free trial today!

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