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Introducing BI xPress Server

Written by Liz Hamilton | Jan 26, 2015

We are exicted to announce the launch of BI xPress Server! BI xPress Server joins the DOC xPress Server in our Workbench Server line of products. Our line of server products gives your business and technical users access to your company's data, without requiring them to have a desktop installation. 

BI xPress Server brings the features of BI xPress to a web-based server solution. BI xPress Server delivers the monitoring console functionality to users without requiring a local desktop installation. It integrates with the audit framework functionality provided by BI xPress Professional to provide all the capabilities of the monitoring console from the full client in an online format. Enable your SSIS packages to come to life with more information such as performance metrics, data counts and detailed error messages.

Feature Highlights:

 Auditing FrameworkAuditing Framework Wizard will allow you to add, remove, or edit the auditing framework for each of the packages in the solution you are currently working in.

Benefits of Auditing Framework:
Performance Monitoring
In-depth execution details
Add an audit trail to your packages

SSIS Monitoring ConsoleSSIS Monitoring Console allows you to monitor current or past SSIS executions. You can use control flow diagrams to see package execution visually just like BIDS while you debug packages.

Benefits of SSIS Monitoring Console:
Remotely watch package execution within a web browser
SSIS packages come alive with a plethora of information
Stay in control, observe issues as they arise


Want to learn more about our new BI xPress Server? Join us for the launch!

Wednesday, January 28th at 1 p.m. EST