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Data quality, or lack of it, is a hot topic and on many people’s minds. Wrestling with data quality is something DBAs and BI developers do every day, and can bring development to a halt with constantly having to go back and check out sources. Luckily, Pragmatic Works designed LegiTest, an automated data testing tool, to tackle the data quality issue.

In the ever changing and evolving data world, Pragmatic Works prides ourselves on our technology evolving to keep current. We now have a cloud hosted tool called LegiTest Online. LegiTest Online offers a simple to navigate UI, as well as a dashboard where you can quickly see what tests have passed or failed. It also allows you to generate runnable test assemblies that can all be managed from the cloud.

Our new data testing recipes functions we added to LegiTest are also available with LegiTest Online. Speaking of data testing recipes, in a recent webinar, our President of Software John Welch, demonstrates how some simple data testing recipes can improve the quality of your production reports. John discusses what a recipe is and shows common data recipes, as well as how these relate to production data monitoring to improve data quality using LegiTest Online.

LegiTest Online is available for beta testing today, and as a special offer for current LegiTest customers, we are offering an extended trial evaluation period. Just visit LegiTest.com to gain access to your beta version today. Not using LegiTest yet? Go to our website to download a free trial and get on the path to better data quality and join our mission to stop bad data.

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