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January Free Training Schedule

Written by Liz Hamilton | Jan 06, 2015

Every week Pragmatic Works hosts free webinars on a wide range of topics that include Power BI, Performance Tuning and many other SQL Server topics. Join our industry experts every Tuesday and Thursday (and sometimes other days) at 11 a.m. EST to expand your SQL Server knowledge!


Power Pivot 102: Advanced Power Pivot Modeling

Instructor: T.J. Brown
Time: 01/06/2015
Do you know how to create a basic Power Pivot model, but struggle with more advanced real work design problems? In this session, we’ll upgrade your Power Pivot design skills to the next level with advanced DAX expressions, and show you how to use these expressions to create real work design solutions.


Rapid BI Development

Instructor: Robert Cain
Time: 01/07/2015
Learn how to increase your development productivity and collaboration with Data Lifecycle Optimization. Learn how to use a templating system for building partial packages and how to build reusable packages. Also learn how to quickly scan your packages for best practices and setup policies. Finally, learn how to use pieces of continuous integration in the Microsoft BI ecosystem. 


Data Analytics and Distribution with Power BI

Instructor: Ginger Grant
Time: 01/08/2015
Learn how to apply predictive data forecasting, natural language Q&A, and distribute updated reports to tablets and phones with Power BI. By exploring the components provided outside of Excel, including modeling, dissemination and data availability, report distribution and the data refresh capabilities which make this all possible, you will get a better understanding of what capabilities exist to provide better access and analytics to your data with Power BI.


Intro to Data Factory

Instructor: Steve Hughes
Time: 01/13/2015
Late in 2014, Microsoft released the Data Factory preview in Azure. This session will introduce you to the tool and its data movement and data transformation capabilities. Learn how to create a data pipeline that can manipulate and transfer data at scale. Finally, we will look at the monitoring in data factory has which helps gather insights about our data pipelines while in operation.


Indexing – Science vs Art

Instructor: Wendy Pastrick
Time: 01/15/2015
Indexes make queries run faster, right? Not always, no. And finding the right indexes for your needs is often more of an Art than a Science. Attend this session as we take a visual tour of how indexes are laid out and the way data is accessed when indexes are utilized. We will discuss clustered indexes as well as non-clustered indexes and also when to use indexed views along with some other variations.


SSIS Logging & Notification Done the Free & Easy Way

Instructor: Tim Murphy
Time: 01/20/2015
Basic SSIS Logging and Notification should be part of every package you create. In this webinar, Tim Murphy will show you a simple but effective way to manage this best practice.


Overcoming Common Tabular and Power Pivot Feature Limitations

Instructor: Brad Schacht
Time: 01/22/2015
Tabular and Power Pivot are starting to become more and more common place in organizations, but that doesn't mean it's always the clear (or right) choice. Tabular does have some limitations that can seem like a deal breaker when deciding between Tabular and Multidimensional. Brad explores some of the most common limitations in tabular and goes step by step on how to make each work with your model. Do you need a role-playing dimension, many to many relationships, composite keys or dynamic security? If so join Brad in this demo filled session and learn how to make all of these possible in your Tabular or Power Pivot models!


Enterprise MDM on the Microsoft Platform

Instructor: Anthony Martin
Time: 01/27/2015
Data quality is one of the more pressing concerns in organizations today.  Between multiple customer, inventory, and ordering platforms, similar sets of data exists across the organization. To understand your data and your business, you need a method to enable data governance in your organization, a key component of which is Master Data Management (MDM). Microsoft introduced Master Data Services (MDS) as the tool to accomplish this task. In this session, we’ll provide an introduction to MDS and its core capabilities. We’ll also look at how MDS can be empowered with Profisee to deliver and Enterprise MDM solution.


Building Dashboards with Your SalesForce Data

Instructor: Anthony Martin
Time: 01/29/2015
Salesforce captures the data points that can provide a lot of insight into your sales processes. However, the built-in reporting and dashboarding functionality leaves a lot to be desired in terms of usability, interactivity, and integration with other organizational data sources. Come join us as we show you how to simplify Salesforce Analytics with tools you already own.

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