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2017-Training-Banner.pngHave you ever purchased a membership, possibly to a gym, but you no longer use it; and you forget about it and let it renew every month? If you’ve ever done this, it would be great to have an idea of the usage of the membership when it comes time to renew so you know you’re making use of something you’ve invested money in, right?

Pragmatic Works had this concept in mind while designing our On-Demand Training platform. A fear many people have when investing in training is that it goes unused. That’s why we created a management portal that comes with your purchase and gives insight into your training usage.

With our management portal, you can report on the usage of the students you’ve purchased training for, whether that’s a few or 100. You can see their login activity and accomplishments, as well as monitor their progress in completing their courses. Another great feature of the portal is that you don’t have to go to the portal to see your reports, you can schedule them to be sent directly to your inbox.

Pragmatic Works offers training in Business Intelligence and Analytics, Power BI, Big Data, SQL Server and more. While we can’t make you use that gym membership you invested in, we can ensure the ability to monitor the use of your training investment with Pragmatic Works. 

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