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MOTOR Information Systems gets to market twice as fast with better quality!

There are few things in life that are more important than the maintenance and safety of your automobile. MOTOR Information Systems and Pragmatic Works Software teamed up to improve data quality and time to market so your mechanic has the correct information to make a repair.

In this case study from our customer MOTOR Information Systems, you’ll see how by leveraging LegiTest, MOTOR shortened their testing time and gained data quality. MOTOR plays a critical role in the maintenance of our cars. MOTOR licenses the information from manufacturers, such as Ford. They develop and maintain databases of standardized information and get it out to our mechanics around the country. So, the mechanics can ensure that the right amount of brake fluid is used during a brake job for instance.

MOTOR has been manually testing their data for years. This past year Pragmatic Works worked with them to deploy automated testing of that data. MOTOR’s challenge was that they get data from many different sources and all different formats. They need to take terabytes of data and make sure it’s correct before getting into the hands of the mechanics.

By using LegiTest, MOTOR cut testing time in half, from 8 weeks to 4, thus allowing them to deliver the data faster to market, as well as ensuring better quality data and eliminating time-consuming, error prone manual testing. 

If you’re faced with the same challenges of dealing with large quantities of disparate data with different formats, and you’re doing manual testing of that data, check out the case study below from MOTOR. Let us show you how to employ automated data testing with LegiTest to save you the time of manual testing and increase your data quality, allowing you to have trust in your data.


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