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At Pragmatic Works, we are constantly working to enhance and update our software to make it even better. A common question from customers and developers is, when are you going to be compliant with SQL Server 2017? Well—the time is now! All our software is now compliant with SQL Server 2017!

We also want to share some additional highlights of updates within our software suite.

BI xPress

One of the most popular features of BI xPress is the ability to apply auditing, monitoring and notification frameworks. A new enhancement to the notification engine allows you to sort events. You can now see groups of certain event failures, completions or event warnings. This will make it faster and easier for specific roles to organize, delegate and remediate SSIS errors.

Full BI xPress Release Notes

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DOC xPress

Organizations are dealing with large amounts of data that are growing by the day. As data-centric environments grow, so has the time required to document them. In this release, we’ve increased performance and reduced documentation time when it comes to metadata documentation and snapshots. Our new denormalization process has been fine tuned to be more selective when updating your documentation, including impact analysis and lineage, allowing for up to 80% reduction in snapshot time.

Full DOC xPress Release Notes

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The new feature releases for LegiTest are all about ease of use for the developers and business users. As the industry evolves around BI and data warehouse testing, one of the challenges we’ve found is remediation. How do developers know the business impact of a test that’s failed and how can developers programmatically communicate with the business stakeholders?

This release gives LegiTest annotations on the server and allows users on the business side to easily read a test and understand what the test means. At Pragmatic Works, our COO, Tim Moolic, runs more than 50 tests using LegiTest. He uses annotations to organize and tell him what these tests are all about. LegiTest will also alert him if tests that compare two systems are not in sync, allowing him to correct data issues before they impact a production decision.

Full LegiTest Release Notes

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Task Factory

Task Factory is a series of SSIS components that plug right into your SSIS toolbox. Per your requests, we’ve enhanced one of our most popular components, Dimension Merge SCD. It’s now easier to use by way of adding better sorting capabilities.

We’ve also enhanced our REST Source and Destination components. Expansions made to the REST components allow you to connect via OAuth 1 and additional basic REST connections, so more sources and destinations are now supported.

Finally, we’ve added USPS Address Verification. This is a transform that will allow you to connect and accept data from the USPS database of addresses. In addition, you have the option of purchasing a subscription to the USPS database itself. Keep an eye out for more news on this and a webinar to discuss it in the coming weeks.

Full Task Factory Release Notes

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These are a few highlights of our 2017.3 release. Please click on the release notes links above to learn about additional improvements and fixes. If you’re already of user of Pragmatic Works’ software, we know you’re going to love these new enhancements. If you don’t have your hands on our incredible tools - that will help with performance and save you time and money - then visit our website today for a free trial download.


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