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Power BI Custom Visuals - Enlighten World Flag Slicer

Written by Devin Knight | Jun 15, 2017

In this module you will learn how to use the Enlighten World Flag Slicer Custom Visual.  The Enlighten World Flag Slicer takes a text field from your dataset and if the value uses a country’s name or abbreviation, it will display a flag. This flag visual can then be used to filter other report items.

Module 55 – Enlighten World Flag Slicer


Key Takeaways

  • Filter that automatically displays country flags.
  • You can use either the common country name or the alpha-2 country codes.
  • There is an option to display a single metric under each flag.

This Enlighten World Flag Slicer shows the top 5 countries that give aide to other countries.

  • Under the Format paintbrush there are a few customizations available for the Enlighten World Flag Slicer.
  • From the Data labels section you can change the color and the text size to the labels below each flag. You may also choose to turn off the labels altogether.

  • In the Items section, you can turn off the shadow box that appears around each flag. You will likely want to keep this on because flags like Japan will look a bit odd on a white background without the shadow box.

In addition to these properties, there are settings that appear on every visual to adjust the background color, add a border around the visual and lock the aspect ratio.

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