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Pragmatic Works, a software, consulting and training company that focuses on helping customers gain the most insight from their data, is seeing dramatic growth in assisting companies with improving their data lifecycles. By maturing their data lifecycle, customers are able to make better decisions from their data and define a clear strategy that ensures their success is repeatable and measureable. Data Lifecycle Optimization (DLO) is a focus on the pillars of a successful data lifecycle including strategy, tactics, readiness and tooling. 

Pragmatic Works uses 6 pillars of data lifecycle maturity to prioritize initiatives and asses a company’s needs.


  •          Architecture and Configuration
  •          Availability and Continuity
  •          Performance and Management
  •          Enterprise Business Intelligence
  •          Big Data Systems and Solutions
  •          Business and Predictive Analytics

Many companies are not aware of how their Microsoft Data Platform is performing and they often struggle to make decisions based on data they are not confident with. This is why Pragmatic Works offers clients a free data lifecycle strategy review session to asses where a company is in their data lifecycle journey.

“Pragmatic Works offers this assessment to help customers not only gauge where they are in their data lifecycle, but pinpoint exactly where they could make improvements,” says Adam Jorgensen, President of Consulting for Pragmatic Works. “Our goal is to get customers out of the infrastructure business and in to the value creation business.”

For more information or to schedule a review session, please contact sales@pragmaticworks.com. 


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