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Quickly and Accurately Write SQL Queries with LegiTest

Written by Philip de la Cal | Sep 05, 2017

As someone in the tech/development scene, I realize that most of us type quickly, think quickly and our hands often have a hard time keeping up with us. A frustrating part of production is rewriting and typing similar queries repeatedly!

LegiTest is a great tool for any development team and has many time-saving features.  One fantastic tool inside LegiTest, called Edit Comparison, can simplify entering query statements, as it rapidly and accurately simplifies the association between tables and even keys. 

Watch this demo to see how quick and easy this feature of LegiTest works. This feature depends on the many time-saving query shortcuts in LegiTest. I have provided a quick reference of these shortcuts at the bottom of this blog.

This feature in LegiTest will reduce the number of key strokes you must input. As those of us in development know, any time saved in query creation allows us to focus on more important tasks. To learn more about all the great, time-saving features of LegiTest or for a free trial, visit our website.

Here's a quick reference of the many LegiTest Query Shortcuts:

("ssf", "SELECT * FROM"),

("cj", "CROSS JOIN"),

("ii", "INSERT INTO"),

("df", "DELETE FROM"),

("fj", "FULL JOIN"),

("foj", "FULL OUTER JOIN"),

("ij", "INNER JOIN"),

("lj", "LEFT JOIN"),

("loj", "LEFT OUTER JOIN"),

("rj", "RIGHT JOIN"),

("roj", "RIGHT OUTER JOIN"),

("scf", "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM"),

("st100", "SELECT TOP 100 * FROM"),

("gb", "GROUP BY"),("ob", "ORDER BY"),






("ii11", "[int] IDENTITY (1, 1)"),

("bi11", "[bigint] IDENTITY (1, 1)"),

("ca", "CROSS APPLY"),

("begin", "BEGIN\n\t\nEND", true),

("while", "WHILE\nBEGIN\n\t\nEND", true),

("case", "CASE WHEN \nTHEN \nELSE \nEND", true)