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BI_xPress_Simplify_Your_Job_Blog_Header.pngSearching, managing, maintaining, and generating test data takes time. Data preparation is a time-consuming phase of the software testing; and who really has all this time? Most of us don’t.

At Pragmatic Works, we feel your pain. That’s why we created our Data Generation Component in our BI xPress software. The Data Generation component enables you to quickly generate test and sample data to use for testing, understanding performance or demonstration purposes. It enables you to generate data for a specific table, a set of tables or an entire database, and will prepare data generation plans that accommodate foreign keys.

You can work with randomly generated data or take advantage of built in data lists of demographic data using realistic names and addresses. You can also extend built in data sets with your own data to create sets that look like your data, but are randomized to protect the privacy of your data.

Check out the demo in this blog and contact us to learn more about how the Data Generation tool in BI xPress can help developers to create comprehensive, error-free BI solutions, quickly and easily. We’re sure the time you save can be used on growing your business, instead of wasted on generating test data.

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