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The Oracle Database presents a challenge to its users, that once mastered, can be rewarding and make the utilization of Oracle specific tools easier to grasp. If you are an avid Oracle user, you are familiar with the many aspects to Oracle that are vastly different than the standard SQL Server language many of us have grown to appreciate

 From the method of configuration, to the required Clients that must be installed prior to execution, there are many things to consider when operating within an Oracle database.  It’s safe to say, it can be quite daunting.

With Task Factory, this daunting task becomes less stressful.  Task Factory's Oracle Upsert Destination allows you to easily insert and update data into an Oracle table within their SSIS package. 


 In the video below, you'll learn the answers to common questions discovered when operating within the Task FactoryOracle Upsert Destination and get a basic overview on the configuration and use of the Oracle Upsert Destination from Task Factory. In a follow-up blog, I will conduct a demonstration on the most common troubleshooting scenarios and their resolution.

There are many questions surrounding this component and how it’s configured in the video seen below.  Let’s get those questions answered!

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