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Anyone working with Excel Source or Destination, knows the issues with 64-bit, 32-bit or issues with formatting coming out. Using Excel Source and Destination, a part of Pragmatic Works’ Task Factory, with your data can solve these common problems.  The video below shows a demo of some of the key features of Task Factory Excel Source and Destination.

Some key Excel Source features:

  • Our software was improved to make it easier to select the data you want to pull out of your Excel sheet. Using a basic native SSIS Excel Source, you can choose your Excel sheet and then select Named Ranges or a region of data that you want to pull out. You also have a great feature available with Show Preview. With this, as soon as you make a change you’ll see it in the Preview table in real time.
  • In addition, you can go into Columns and can change your data type, zip codes for example, and it will read the raw data and you can pull that data out how you want it. Most importantly, it works with 64-bit.

Some key Excel Destination features:

  • In using Excel Destination, the biggest problem you may face is that if you configure it to run on your machine and you deploy it out, there’s a chance it won’t work if you don’t have Excel installed on that machine, for example. One improvement we’ve made to Task Factory Destination is if you have an existing data sheet in your Excel file, you can choose 3 different formats. Also, you don’t have to start on the first row or column; you can select where you want it to start and go to.
  • Another feature, which was a client request, is when you create an Excel file, a table will automatically be created for you and you can create your Auto Table filters. If you have a specific format you want to write your data out to Excel, we use the Excel formatting, so you can import a style directly form an Excel sheet (whether it be date, integers, string value, etc.) and Task Factory will write it for you.

Visit our website to learn more about Task Factory’s Excel Source and Destination or to download the software today to gain all the benefits of using it for your business.

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