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Everyone in business is looking to save time in their day and make it easier to work with the data they need to make decisions. REST Source is a component inside our Pragmatic Works’ Task Factory Suite which will automate the process of connecting to Web Services to pull information down into your SQL platform.

We’ve done a series of blogs about utilizing REST Source with Web Services like Google Analytics and GoToWebinar. Another Web Service that REST Source supports is Salesforce. At Pragmatic Works, our sales team uses Salesforce, one of the most popular tools for business, to keep track of contacts, leads, purchases, deals and more.

Task Factory REST Source allows you to get your information in an automated way to get it into ETL and SSIS; and it can be refreshed daily automatically to keep all your data up to date. With REST Source, your team can easily extract data out of, or upload data into, Salesforce. REST Source takes the manual aspect of these tasks off your hands, saving you time and eliminating manual errors.

REST can make your life easier in many ways. On the backend, you can use REST to create customizations for objects or fields for new measurements you’re trying to acquire or metrics you’re trying to capture. Typically, you would have to add new custom fields directly in Salesforce, but REST source can help you to automate this and customize just what you want to do.

Another aspect within Task Factory is Salesforce Source and Destination. Salesforce Source allows you to retrieve any data supported by Salesforce SOAP API and import that data right into your data flow. Salesforce Destination is straightforward and makes it easy for all users to point and click to set up your data needs. 

Click here to view the technical video on how to get your data to and from Salesforce using our REST components.

Task Factory REST Source has you covered on all sides of the Salesforce front. Visit our website to learn more or sign up for a free trial to see how Task Factory REST Source can save you time from manual data tasks, increase your productivity and give you more time to use your data for business decisions. As we say, “Don’t make it a dream, make it a plan.”

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