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Pragmatic Works has done a series of blogs and videos discussing how our Task Factory REST Source can help you easily get the data you need from web services, such as Salesforce, GoToWebinar and Google Analytics. Here, we want to show how REST Source helped our Training Director, Devin Knight, with Litmos.

Pragmatic Works training uses Litmos as a software service to host all our training material, assign students to courses and monitor their usage. Unfortunately, the reports built into Litmos are not in depth enough to, from an internal BI view, get data and analytics from a management perspective of the overall company. Devin wanted a way to easily streamline data from customers training, Salesforce accounts, as well as products and services purchases, and tie these together in reports.

Here’s where Task Factory’s REST Source comes in. REST Source allows Devin to create a simple, automated way to bring the information in from Litmos (and any other external sources). He can then add a Power BI layer by building dashboards to report on this data and make it actionable.

REST Source makes getting the data you need from external sources or web services simple and efficient. This gives you more time to analyze your data to make decisions that will grow your business. Task Factory’s REST Source - simple, efficient and helping to make better use of your time – sounds like a winning combination.

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