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Customer Story: The Benefit of Data Lineage with DOC xPress

Written by Pragmatic Works | Jul 17, 2017

A lack of data lineage can cause issues with compliance by not knowing where your data is coming from or going to. It can also cause issues and increase production time by not being able to see what you’re impacting when changes or updates to systems occur. Pragmatic Works Principal and COO, Tim Moolic, spoke with one of our customers in Australia, Cameron Monk, about his experience with our DOC xPress data lineage feature.

Cameron, an industrial services provider, has been successfully using our Workbench Product for auditing and monitoring, which eventually led him to use the data lineage capabilities in DOC xPress. Cameron’s organization has a lot of custom integration between their core ERP and satellite systems that they built. Keeping track of lineage between these systems was becoming difficult.

They also had issues figuring out impacts downstream when their ERP vendor made updates to their system. The lineage aspect in DOC xPress allows Cameron and his team to find those impacts without having to test everything after an update to find where issues occur. This helps the team see what will be impacted before the ERP vendor makes updates/changes monthly – a huge production time saver and where they see the biggest impact.

Another great feature is the documentation aspect, which is used by their development team. The time saved by this feature allows developers to spend less time documenting and more time developing.

In any business, trying new software can come with some issues. When Cameron initially tried to do something more complicated with BI xPress, it failed. He reached out to Pragmatic Works’ support team and the issue was quickly resolved. During those support discussions, Cameron’s team was introduced to the lineage capabilities of our Workbench Product Suite.

Unfortunately, the initial trials with the suite ran into some complicated issues. When the issue could not be solved with the Pragmatic Works’ support team, the support team brought in one of the lead software developers for the product. Cameron’s one-on-one interaction with our development team solved the issue; the kind of support he’s never found with any other software company.

There you have it, a real-world scenario of how Pragmatic Works’ software helped one of our loyal customers, but with some challenges along with way. We don’t claim to be perfect, but we stand by our software and by the mission in our support organization called The Real People Promise. Our software is supported by real people who actually answer the phone, reply to emails and, if needed, will provide a free web meeting to experience and better understand your issue. You won’t get that from other vendors—promise.

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