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In today’s Azure Every Day post, I’d like to talk about the Azure Advisor tool. Microsoft offers this tool as part of the portal to manage, monitor and optimize our Azure cloud spend.

But it not only allows us to better manage our cloud spend, it gives us operational intelligence. With Azure Advisor, we can visualize what’s happening in our cloud so we can share it for things such as cost allocation and charge back.

Then we can optimize how we use our cloud resources and figure out what we’re doing there. Can we scale back? Are we letting things run when we don’t need to? Are we running out of performance because we didn’t scale up enough during peak times?

With this access, Azure is giving us another market leading resource to not only have a great cloud experience, but to optimize and manage it, as well as predict our cost. All ensuring that we have confidence in the financial model of our cloud deployment.

You’ll find Azure Advisor under the Product Section of Azure.com. Go to Management and Monitoring, and then Cost Management. You can get started with a free Azure account or add it for free to your existing account.

As always, we’re here to help. If you need help understanding or accessing your cloud spend, or with figuring out Azure Advisor, contact us or click the link below.

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