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When working with various packages, like SSIS, SQL Server or Oracle, it’s important to establish standards across the enterprise. An architect will want to establish standards, or best practices, for the organization that developers and DBAs writing SSIS packages, or Junior Developers or outside teams, can adhere to.

The Best Practice Analyzer feature with Pragmatic Works’ BI xPress will scan all the metadata out of your packages to be sure your company’s developers are all complying with the standards that you put in place.  BI xPress ships with about 200 standards already in place, but is customizable to create the standards that you want to use for your company. In addition, these customized best practices can be easily shared between team members using a common workspace.

This feature goes beyond SSIS; it can be used across the board for things like naming conventions or to ensure that the connections inside all your SSIS packages are dynamic. Using Best Practice Analyzer, you can be sure your trusted team are all employing the best practices that your architects want them to.

Best Practice Analyzer also compliments packages like Microsoft Visual Studio. Once you install BI xPress or Workbench, you can easily plug it inside of Visual Studio. For example, a common best practice is scanning all your packages to look for ole db Command Transforms in SSIS, which can slow down run time from seconds to 10-20 minutes. This is something we look for right out of the box, but you can customize this inside the Workbench environment, deploy it and everyone is able to see this as well.

Want to learn more about Pragmatic Works’ Best Practice Analyzer feature in BI xPress? Contact us to speak with an engineer or to set up a web meeting and let us show you how we can help, just as we’ve helped many of our over 7500 customers world-wide. Already using BI xPress and have an area or best practice you’d like to see added? Contact us, we’d love to hear it, as we’re always looking to improve our products in order to better help our customers.

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