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Microsoft's Underwater Cloud

Today I want to talk about something very cool happening and that is that Microsoft has expanded their underwater cloud.

Announcing Azure SQL Studio is Now Azure Data Studio

I’d like to share some news that came out of Ignite 2018 and that is that Azure SQL Studio has been changed to Azure Data...

How Microsoft Protects You from Patent Trolls

Did you know that tech companies spend 29 billion dollars each year on troll licensing and litigation of issues over patent...

Improve Your Security Posture with Azure Secure Score

Security is a top priority for every business and we can never have enough of it, right? But at what point does it become...

Azure Data Factory Copy Folders vs Files

In this post I’d like to share some knowledge based on recent experiences when it comes to performance of Azure Data Factory...

New Development Feature for Azure Stream Analytics

Gaining insights from our data, especially in real-time is an important part of any business. Today I’d like to talk about...

NASDAQ Announces Partnership with Microsoft Azure Blockchain

Today I’ll tell you more about NASDAQ’s announcement last week of its partnership with Azure blockchain. Microsoft will...

Introduction to Azure Functions

If you don’t know about Azure Functions, I’ll tell you here how they can make development more productive and how they are a...

Azure Data Factory - Data Flow

I’m excited to announce that Azure Data Factory Data Flow is now in public preview and I’ll give you a look at it here. Data...

Azure at PASS Summit 2018

Today I’m coming to you from the PASS Summit in Seattle, WA and I’m excited to be here! There will be 1000s in attendance...


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