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Azure ML, SSIS and the Modern Data Warehouse

Posted Apr 17, 2015 by Ginger Grant

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to speak at several different events, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was able to speak on Azure Machine Learning first at the Arizona SQL Server Users Group meeting. I really appreciate all who attended as we had quite a crowd. Since the meeting is held practically on Arizona State University’s Tempe Campus, it was great to see a number of students attending, most likely due to Ram’s continued marketing efforts on meetup.com. After talking to him about it, I was impressed at his success at improving attendance by promoting the event on Meetup, and wonder if many SQL Server User Groups have experienced the same benefits. If you have, please let me know. Thanks Joe for taking a picture of the event too.

Math and Azure Machine Learning

Posted Mar 12, 2015 by Ginger Grant

Business and predictive analytics are the pinnacle of a mature data lifecycle, and Machine Learning is an exceptional tool providing in-depth statistical analysis of data. One of the common misconceptions about Machine Learning is the level of mathematical experience required, and Pragmatic Works' Business Intelligence Consultant and Data Aficionado Ginger Grant is on a mission to set the record straight. In her upcoming webinar, Complex Data Analysis and Azure Machine Learning, she'll be explaining how to leverage Azure ML to analyze cloud data without having to know a lot of complex formulas. 

Webinar Follow-Up: Intro to Data Factory

Posted Jan 13, 2015 by Steve Hughes

This is a follow up blog post based on the Intro to Data Factory session I gave on the Training on the T’s with Pragmatic Works. Find more free training from the past and upcoming here. I did my session on January 13, 2015.

In this session, I gave a simple introduction to new Azure Data Factory using a CopyActivity pipeline between Azure Blob Storage and Azure SQL Database. Below is a diagram illustrating the factory that is created in the demo.

Using PowerShell to Build Your Azure VM Environment

Posted Jul 07, 2014 by Devin Knight

By: Devin Knight

Webinar Follow-Up: Leveraging Cloud for the Modern SQL Developer

Posted May 28, 2014 by Liz Hamilton

Presenter: Jason Strate

In the past, developing a database was a simple affair where you built and deployed the database for a server down the hall in your datacenter, or in some cases to a server under someone's desk. While those good ole days were a much more simple time, they were quite limiting in how a database could be deployed and there were much fewer options for ensuring stability and performance. Today, SQL Developers have many more options for deployment including the services provided through Windows Azure. In this session, we'll dive into what you need to know to start developing databases with Windows Azure and discuss the value that cloud delivery can provide to your database development.

Webinar Follow Up: Getting Started with Windows Azure and SQL Databases

Posted May 27, 2014 by Liz Hamilton

Presenter: Jason Strate

The Microsoft Windows Azure platform provides service-based offerings for your data needs. These include services from file storage to SQL databases that are scalable to your specific needs. Regardless of the size of your data platform, Windows Azure has options that fit to your business needs. In this session, we'll discuss the Windows Azure platform and discuss how the SQL Database and other services enhance and extend your data platform. By session end, you'll understand how Windows Azure is able to fit into your environment and be ready to start using Windows Azure.

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