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Category: Big Data

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The Big Reason You Should Think About Azure SQL DW

Posted Mar 15, 2017 by Osei May

There are many reasons why your company should strongly consider using Azure SQL DW. However, the point of this post to convince you - the developer, consultant, architect, and/or accidental-DBA - that you should
start getting familiar with Azure SQL DW for one simple and hefty reason — Big Data.

Next Generation Data Validation, Put an End to Your Bad Data Days

Posted Jul 22, 2016 by Tim Moolic

As the COO of a company, Tim understands the important role data plays in a business's success. Whether it's annual reports, forecasting sales or making important decisions for the business's future, Tim relies on data - data he knows is accurate because it's been tested and validated.

Pragmatic Works helps customers all over the world with their data-centric challenges. If it involves data, we’ve pretty much done it. One challenge our customers continue to see, and we experience ourselves, is the random and unexpected bad result. These are results that cause our business users and customers to question the validity of the reports we produce for them. Even with Master Data Management, Data Cleansing and products like DQS, companies continue to wrestle with bad data. But why?

Intro to Big Data Analytics Demo

Posted Jan 09, 2015 by Liz Hamilton

Back in December Pragmatic Works' BI Consultant, Alan Faulkner, did a presentation on Intro to Big Data AnalyticsIn this session he introduced the Hadoop-based services in Windows Azure and used PowerBI features to build a self-service BI Big Data solution. Now we are offering you an outline and demo to accompany his presentation.

Naughty or Nice? Be Nice & Help Us Support Seamark Ranch!

Posted Dec 22, 2014 by Brian Knight

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Big Data Needs to Mean Big Insights

Posted Aug 21, 2014 by Adam Jorgensen

Recently the focus on increased insights and data driven decisions has become paramount from the board room to marketing, and even to the production floor. Those insights and decisions were promised by the world of “Big Data”. The hype around big data is unmistakable. You can’t miss it. I think Big Data will perform at the super bowl halftime show. Well maybe not, but you can bet that the stadium, advertisers, teams and vendors are all using big data technologies to be their best for that big game.

I speak with customers that are driven to implement a big data solution, and yet I’ve never seen more people working to learn and implement a technology with so little definition on how they plan to leverage it for their business. They know a few things…

  1. Big Data might allow them to increase the value and variety of decisions they make.
  2. These technologies might provide a way to get around the limitations of traditional BI systems.
  3. They believe it to be a cost effective and rapid time-to-value option
  4. They believe their team can adapt and learn the tools quickly
  5. Their superiors are counting on it to provide insight into business growth and efficiency opportunities

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