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Basics of DAX in Power BI

Are you just starting out with Power BI or new to DAX? If your answer to either of these is yes, then our recent webinar...

Azure Data Week - Intro to DAX in Power BI

During Azure Data Week, Mike Davis showed us some of the basics on Power BI and DAX. There were many questions he was unable...

Understanding DAX Filter Context and Incorrect Totals

DAX is an awesome language, but sometimes, DAX can produce results that are not expected. This is when DAX users can begin...

Introduction to DAX

Are you looking to get an introduction to DAX and learn more about this powerful tool? In a recent webinar, hosted by Nick...

Power BI - Problem, Design, Solution - Text Search Slicer

In this installment of the "Problem, Design, Solution" series, we are going to walk through the process of performing a...

Advanced DAX: Problem, Design, Solution

DAX is both a programming and query language that gives you the ability to extend what is possible in either your Power BI...

Introducing Our New Course - Advanced DAX

Are you interested in taking your DAX skills to the next level? Pragmatic Works’ new Advanced DAX course is for users that...

Announcing Our New Course - Introduction to DAX!

We are excited to announce our new course – Introduction to DAX! Whether you are well versed in building Tabular models or...


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