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Business Continuity Strategies in Azure

Keeping businesses online and operational is a key concern, no matter the nature of your downtime. Most companies don’t...

Testing the Azure Waters with Simple Projects


Everyone is talking about Azure these days, and though many have started using it, there are still many who have yet to...

Why Customers Are Looking to Azure

As a principal consultant with Pragmatic Works, I have many conversations with customers about moving to Azure. As a...

Why Are People Moving to Azure Storage?

For this Azure Every Day, I sat down with one of Pragmatic Works Consulting Sales Managers, Matt Dunn, to ask him what he...

A Walkthrough of Azure File Sync

I have a question, who is still using a file server? No need to answer, I know that most of us still are and need to use...

Azure Storage - Hot, Cool and Archive

There’s a lot of talk about storage options. When working with customers, I often introduce them to Azure through storage,...

Azure Site Recovery in 3 Minutes

Having a data/disaster recovery site or plan in place is crucial today, whether for compliance or to ensure if anything does...

Why You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan

As data platform professionals, our number one responsibility is to make sure that the data we are providing to our...


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