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Validate Your Data Before Your End Users Invalidate You

Posted Oct 30, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

Database testing is a critical aspect of development. BI and Data Warehouse testing is another level of testing that is key to ensuring the quality of your data throughout your BI system. Data quality, or lack of it, is a focus of many these days. Bad data is an epidemic, and data testing is the key to solving the epidemic while allowing you to have confidence in your data.

Stay on Top of Development Tests with LegiTest

Posted Sep 26, 2017 by Philip de la Cal

From calendar alerts to information about our day, notifications allow us to never miss a thing. But what about in our work environment? Imagine it's closing time on a Friday and you execute a package or test knowing it will take hours, and leave for the weekend. What happens when it's Monday morning, you walk in expecting your results and see an error occurred moments after you left for the weekend? This situation can happen to anyone. Not only is it a huge waste of time, but it can be avoided.

Keys to a Successful Data Platform Migration

Posted Sep 20, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

Have you started your data platform migration yet? If not, you can be certain that your competitors have either already migrated, or will be soon. What are you waiting for? A modern data platform opens a wealth of opportunities for your organization.

Quickly and Accurately Write SQL Queries with LegiTest

Posted Sep 05, 2017 by Philip de la Cal

As someone in the tech/development scene, I realize that most of us type quickly, think quickly and our hands often have a hard time keeping up with us. A frustrating part of production is rewriting and typing similar queries repeatedly!

Getting Started with LegiTest

Posted Aug 28, 2017 by Brian Knight

We believe that bad data is an epidemic. The effects that bad data has on your business, your production and your decisions should not be taken lightly. In fact, bad data is costing organizations an estimated $3.1 trillion per year. Are you looking for a way to test your data to solve your bad data problems and help you gain confidence in your data?

New Software Release 2017.3

Posted Aug 24, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

At Pragmatic Works, we are constantly working to enhance and update our software to make it even better. A common question from customers and developers is, when are you going to be compliant with SQL Server 2017? Well—the time is now! All our software is now compliant with SQL Server 2017!

Real-World Data Testing: Remediating Bad Data

Posted Aug 09, 2017 by Tim Moolic

 There's a lot of talk about the need for BI and data warehouse testing to identify and fix bad data out there. What is the real purpose of BI and data warehouse testing? The purpose of data testing is to identify defects, which will add the new challenge of remediating the error. Who in your organization should be responsible for this? 

BI and Data Warehouse Testing Challenge: Time!

Posted Aug 01, 2017 by Tim Moolic

Bad data has become an epidemic across all industries in the world today. Bad data affects data quality and productivity, and also creates a lack of confidence that business owners have in their reports.

The Importance of Data Warehouse and BI Testing

Posted Jul 25, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

In the world of data, it’s imperative to test your data warehouse and BI systems. If you’re not testing early in the process, then you run the risk of incorrect results and poor performance, which can result in restarting a BI project all over again— wasting time, effort and money, as well as creating bad business decisions and losing business.

How Our Software Suite Works with Azure

Posted Jun 21, 2017 by Jeremy Sirois

We often get a lot of similar questions about our software suite. One of the most common questions is: Do any of your products work with Microsoft’s Azure cloud?

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