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The Importance of BI xPress' Best Practice Analyzer

Posted Jul 12, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

When working with various packages, like SSIS, SQL Server or Oracle, it’s important to establish standards across the enterprise. An architect will want to establish standards, or best practices, for the organization that developers and DBAs writing SSIS packages, or Junior Developers or outside teams, can adhere to.

Task Factory's Excel Source and Destination

Posted Jun 05, 2017 by Pragmatic Works

Anyone working with Excel Source or Destination, knows the issues with 64-bit, 32-bit or issues with formatting coming out. Using Excel Source and Destination, a part of Pragmatic Works’ Task Factory, with your data can solve these common problems.  The video below shows a demo of some of the key features of Task Factory Excel Source and Destination.

Highlights of Pragmatic Works Product Update 2016.4

Posted Nov 02, 2016 by Devon Stiles

Our team is always striving to improve and innovate our entire suite of products. In our Fall 2016 release, LegiTest, LegiTest Server, Task Factory, DOC xPress, BI xPress and BI xPress Server have notable updates to help improve your data solutions. Here are some highlights of the new features and enhancements in our suite of tools:

Task Factory Transforms SSIS to a True Data Warehouse Solution for the University of Calgary

Posted Sep 13, 2016 by Ryan Dowd

Over the years, our customers have come to know Pragmatic Works as true experts in developing uniquely powerful ETL solutions through Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Our industry experts have worked in countless customer environments, each with their own challenging data integration needs. Our consultants, who are NOT shy :), often tell us about their experiences and their long wish lists: "If only I could validate that a text file contained the expected information in the expected format before it completes" or "Man, I wish there was a way to conditionally update or insert data faster than I can today."

Developers: Simplify Your Job with BI xPress

Posted Aug 23, 2016 by Pragmatic Works

As a developer, do you often find yourself frustrated with tasks that should be easier to complete? There are many different aspects of the developer role that can be tedious and drawn out. That's why we created BI xPress to simplify your experience when working inside SSDT. Let’s take a look at some common practices in a BI environment and how BI xPress makes those practices easier and smoother to implement.

Highlights of Pragmatic Works Software Update 2016.3

Posted Aug 11, 2016 by Devon Stiles

In our recent webinar, Brian Knight, John Welch and the Pragmatic Works Software Team announced the newest releases of Task Factory, BI xPress and LegiTest. Here's a recap of some of the new features and enhancements in our suite of tools that can help you improve your data solutions.

Exciting Features of SQL Server 2016

Posted May 12, 2016 by John Welch

The new SQL Server 2016 release is just around the corner (June 1st) and we’re really looking forward to it at Pragmatic Works! It’s also a busy time for the Software team, as we have to make sure all of our products play well with the new SQL Server 2016 features. We have just released the 2016.2 build of all of our products, which is compatible with SQL Server 2016 RC3 and will also work with the 2016 RTM release when it is available.

Task Factory Oracle Upsert Destination - Troubleshooting Made Easy

Posted Apr 15, 2016 by Ken Wood

In my first post on Task Factory's Oracle Upsert Destination, I gave you an in-depth "How To" demonstration. In this blog, I'm going to discuss some troubleshooting tips when you encounter errors.

If you’re an avid user of an Oracle Database, you are no stranger to the oddities that are presented when dealing with Oracle Errors.  If this is you, then you may very well be familiar with the following scenario. 

Task Factory Oracle Upsert Destination…A “How to” Demonstration

Posted Apr 07, 2016 by Ken Wood

The Oracle Database presents a challenge to its users, that once mastered, can be rewarding and make the utilization of Oracle specific tools easier to grasp. If you are an avid Oracle user, you are familiar with the many aspects to Oracle that are vastly different than the standard SQL Server language many of us have grown to appreciate

Checking for SSIS File Usage with Task Factory's File Properties Task

Posted Mar 30, 2016 by Shawn Harrison

Have you ever had an SSIS package fail because a source file it reads from was opened somewhere else? This can be especially frustrating if the package in question runs after hours or on weekends. In this post, I'll demonstrate how to avoid this issue with the Task Factory File Properties Task, the Task Factory Timer Task and a For Loop container.

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