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Category: Professional Development

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Hack Your Professional Development

Posted Sep 08, 2016 by Adam Jorgensen

Goal.jpgThanks to everyone who registered for my webinar on Tuesday. We covered a lot of great content on growing your data career and I appreciate all your comments and feedback. If you missed the session, you can watch it here but I’d like to provide a quick summary of some important takeaways from the session.

Why Your Employees Are Not Engaged With Training - The Solutions

Posted Feb 10, 2016 by Devin Knight

In my previous blog, we discussed some of the problems you may be facing that's causing your training efforts to fail. Now you're probably wondering what the solutions to those problems are. If society being easily distracted is the core problem for keeping people engaged, then what’s the solution? What is needed to have attendees leave a training class feeling excited about what they just learned? How can you make students leave feeling like they can actually use what they learned to solve real world problems?  

Let's take a look at ways you can make sure your training endeavors are successful.

Have Assurance in Your Training Investment

Posted Dec 22, 2015 by Devin Knight

Does your organization have a training budget used to regularly invest in keeping your staff’s skills up-to-date? It’s very common at larger and some small companies for employees to be sent to training classes regularly. But is your organization getting the appropriate ROI for that investment? Do your employees see training as an investment or a burden?

The Next Generation of Training

Posted Oct 07, 2015 by Devin Knight

Over the last five years, training and education have seen drastic changes in how course material is delivered. The reason is because many students simply cannot attend a training class that has a set start and end time and/or eats up twenty to thirty hours of their week. The reality for many of us is that work comes first, and it is impossible to be completely disconnected from our regular nine to five job to attend a training class.

Preparing a Technical Session Part 2: Coming Up With a Title

Posted Jul 22, 2015 by Devin Knight

In his first blog on creating a technical session, our Training Director Devin Knight discussed how to choose a topic. In this post, he'll give you tips on picking the perfect title for your session. The title of your session often dictates how successful your presentation will be, and Devin is sharing his tricks on creating the best presentation title.

Preparing a Technical Session Part 1: Picking a Topic

Posted Jun 30, 2015 by Devin Knight

So you’ve decided or perhaps were told to do a technical presentation. If this is something that’s new for you, then you may be going through a variety of emotions. You may start feeling excited in anticipation of the event, but often that quickly that changes to anxiety as you realize the amount ofwork ahead of you. As an experienced technical presenter, I understand what you're going through and the challenges you'll face throughout the process. 

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