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Task Factory Transforms SSIS to a True Data Warehouse Solution for the University of Calgary

Over the years, our customers have come to know Pragmatic Works as true experts in developing uniquely powerful ETL...

Introducing Task Factory's File Gateway Task

Greetings everyone! As you may have seen in our recent summer release blog, there are a lot of features new to our tools....

How to Use the SSIS REST Source with Google Analytics

Pulling data from Google Analytics into SSIS can be a difficult and time-consuming task.  The REST Source in Task Factory...

Task Factory Oracle Upsert Destination…A “How to” Demonstration

The Oracle Database presents a challenge to its users, that once mastered, can be rewarding and make the utilization of Oracle...

Checking for SSIS File Usage with Task Factory's File Properties Task

Have you ever had an SSIS package fail because a source file it reads from was opened somewhere else? This can be especially...

Send Emails in SSIS Using Task Factory's Advanced Email and SMS Task

The Advanced Email and SMS Task from Task Factory is more than just a tool used to send Emails and SMS Text Messages with...

Using Task Factory’s REST API Source to Connect to Zendesk

Greetings everyone! Today we are going to create an SSIS package using the REST API Source component from Task Factory....

Incrementally Loading Data from Salesforce

As a business owner and someone who is responsible for sales, reporting in SalesForce.com is challenging to say the least....

Bulk Deleting Data from SalesForce.com Using SSIS and Task Factory

One of the most frustrating things about SalesForce.com is the feeling of constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure...


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